Tentacle ~Lady~
Hello kind stranger, or fellow friend.
You can call me Kez, and this here is my main blog for reblogs, personal stuff, and whatever else. I'm 19 years old. I also happen to be a lady.

I'll be as curtious to you as possible, so that may involve calling you dear or sweetie, specify if you'd like something else please~
I like cuttle fish, making weird stories. Sometimes I draw them here. I rp to, but usually over skype.
I have a number of fandoms ranging from WTNV, Hannibal, Madoka magica, youtubers a plenty,TLoU, animal crossing, KLK, Hellsing. I blog artsy fartsy suff too.
Sometimes my blog can get NSFW, with monsters and lovely preds, so be warned~

Talk to me if you would like, Im fairly friendly :D <3

WIP :3